Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bad News: Selling Guns As Low As RM 3..!!~

Damn.. This is such a bad news to us who currently wants to grow up to be an airsofters.. I don't know where this supplier comes from when suddenly I read today's news that stated that U can even get this "Gun" even as low as MYR 3 (USD 0.88)..

It also said that the criminal/robber can bought this "cheap weapon" to threaten the victim or even rob the 24hours store.. I don't know what to say anymore bout this.. since this situation getting more extremely dangerous and cautious now.. And now the police keep on searching for other Airsoft supplier to completely banned the selling of this "gun" in Malaysia.. Could somebody help us to fix this problem..????

Perhaps, we could go to somewhere else that permit us to play Airsoft.. So let say, how bout The Teletubbies Land?? HAHAHAHA =P (I'm completely Gone Mad Right Now.. lolx)

Yes, we can play BBGun With All Of Them Without Worries But Totally Fun..!!~

We can even put our sniper team at the top hillside and the tactical team ambushed at the front line while backup team slowly move down to the scene.. Errr.. What am I talking just now? Hahahahhaa

More Info, Check Harian Metro Online


Dyat said...

lame tak tengok citer ni...
teletubbies... kuikui

Bobby..!!~ said...

tula.. best gk cite ni.. penuh ngn fantasiiiii.. wahahhahahaa

Anonymous said...

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