Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's Been A While..!!~

Hello there folks. Sorry for being away too long. Got a little bit busy with works and other personal problems.. But first of all, i would like to thanks to my fellow follower:

and all other Airsoft fan out there..

Thanks a lot for ur support even though you might know that this sports was totally illegal.. (right now maybe?)

For those who ask me where and how to get those stuff, I'm very sorry to say that i can't help you at this moment.. try find from another source.. until that times come, i will not entertain any of those request.. sorry guys.. there's someone is watching us.. and please, DO NOT put your phone number in here or else you might not get lucky in life =)

Unfortunately, there's not so much info about Airsoft in Malaysia right now.. Most of the "Old Timer" need to get low.. As low as we can.. So perhaps you could understand why we are doing so.. If you have your own "toy", then go play by yourself and don't get me involved.. Ha Ha~

For the next post in this blog will contains such info related to Military and Airsoft.. Please, don't be mad or even sad if this blog doesn't entertained you well =)

Oh yeah, just before i end this post, there's something for you in here..!!~ enjoy =)