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It's Been A While..!!~

Hello there folks. Sorry for being away too long. Got a little bit busy with works and other personal problems.. But first of all, i would like to thanks to my fellow follower:

and all other Airsoft fan out there..

Thanks a lot for ur support even though you might know that this sports was totally illegal.. (right now maybe?)

For those who ask me where and how to get those stuff, I'm very sorry to say that i can't help you at this moment.. try find from another source.. until that times come, i will not entertain any of those request.. sorry guys.. there's someone is watching us.. and please, DO NOT put your phone number in here or else you might not get lucky in life =)

Unfortunately, there's not so much info about Airsoft in Malaysia right now.. Most of the "Old Timer" need to get low.. As low as we can.. So perhaps you could understand why we are doing so.. If you have your own "toy", then go play by yourself and don't get me involved.. Ha Ha~

For the next post in this blog will contains such info related to Military and Airsoft.. Please, don't be mad or even sad if this blog doesn't entertained you well =)

Oh yeah, just before i end this post, there's something for you in here..!!~ enjoy =)

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Back To Biznezzzz..!!~

Hello World..!!~

It's been a while since my last update.. Bit Busy with works and need some time with family then.. lolx.. Well right now, lets back to the business.. First of all, i would like to ask for apologies as lots of Airsofters out there mail me but I didn't reply.. Here is some of my personal notes for all Airsofters out there:

1. For those shouters, thanks a lot for ur info or comments.. Im sorry if i cant reply it and i'll try my best to answer all of ur questions.. Not forget for those who mail me.. =)

2. The poll had closed and im going to discuss about it later on.. So stay tuned.. I've got lots of ideas on how to legalize Airsoft.. But still needs some time to realize it..

3. Please, don't ask me how to get those illegal stuff.. But im here to help and guide u to find those stuff but NOT selling it.. Try to look at these.. It's pretty weird when Lelonger sell some of Airsoft gear such as Vest, BB's and so on.. so make ur own judgement in [here].. try to extract what's the real point of the seller by selling Airsoft merchandise..

4. Once again, i want to remind u that by buying those Airsoft stuff, u are aware the concequences or threat that u might get from our local law enforcement.

5. Still no good news in Airsoft legalization.. But i have an idea.. Why dont we join the Rejimen Askar Wataniah (RAW)? I heard that the recruitment were not as tough as Rejimen Askar Melayu Diraja (RAMD) and u can choose either u want to be a permanent or reserved.. Also, i think the RAW were permitted non-malays to join the forces right? Who knows, u might get lucky and able to learn ALL military knowledged and the cool thing is, u will be able to learn a practical shooting by using REAL weapons.. So what u think? I will discuss more about RAW later on.. Here are some of the pic from the Pasukan Askar Wataniah Institut Perguruan Teknik:

Rejimen Askar Wataniah's Logo

RAW training taken from PAWIPTKL

Well this is just my personal opinion.. Who knows, perhaps someday, only a soldier can use or own BBG? So make ur first start by joining this forces now.. It only takes a month of basic training or called Kursus Asas Perajurit.. And after u complete the basic course, u may still take the Latihan Lanjutan and so on.. For more info, do check at ur local Military Camp and ask the Pak Guard on how to join RAW.. Gud Luck then..!!~

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My New Email Address..!!~

Reminder: I'm not going to discuss about the airsoft dealer in Malaysia or how to get those illegal stuff in my mail until the time comes.. But if u have something to say or share, u are absolutely free to mail me. I'm going to reply ur mail A.S.A.P.

Hello there my fellow frens. Sorry to say that I'm a bit busy right now with Exams and such.. So, without disappointing to All Airsofters Fan, well here it is my new email:

Click the above picture to get my email. I have to do so in order to get less spam.. LoL =P

To all surfers, u need to aware of any cybertroopers that trespassing this blog. So please, do not blame me if something terrible happen if u leave ur phone number in here. They can detect ur location by ur phone number and even ur IP address.

Thanks.. Until Next Time.. See U Around =)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Tactical Throat Mic: The Pros & Cons

Last time, one of my colleague ask me about the tactical throat mic. At first, i don't even know what is that gear until I google it and found some info on it. Well basically, the tactical throat mic itself is New Generation Technology, delivering clear speech even in high noise environments. The hypo-allergenic silicone rubber housing is held comfortably in place with a slip-resistant, expanding neck band, adjustable to anyone's neck size. These components are all of rugged construction, completely waterproof, durable and easily cleaned and disinfected between uses.

Tactical Throat Mic

This revolutionary Push-To-Talk throat mic is designed specifically to be used for people wearing facemasks, breathing apparatus and protective suits that also require portable radios for communicating during their day-to-day responsibilities. Cost: Lightweight Throat-Mic: USD$280.00

The PTT switch is easily located in the exact same position as the microphone, thereby guaranteeing that the mic is in the most optimal range for transmission when the switch is activated. In other words, the microphone will be positioned right up against the throat when the PTT is depressed by the user’s finger.

History Of Throat Mic

The following picture is the typical headphone set-up used in the Soviet tanker's helmet of WWII. In this case, the mike has been removed from its black throat strap, but the metallic intercom switch is still hanging on his right collar, with its distinctive aluminum receiver/transmitter switch. The black headphones fit into pockets on the side of the helmet, and there are flaps that can be buttoned closed to cover the holes when the headphones are not installed. During the first few years of the war, helmets were constructed of a similar pattern of brown leather and were subsequently hot, uncomfortable, and disliked. By 1942, most of the leather helmets had been replaced with these cooler black cotton types for use in the summer months, and insulated cloth/wool types that were worn in the winter, all with padded ribs in a similar manner. As a general rule, antennas were mounted close to the radio set inside the AFV. If the radio was located in the hull, the antenna would be attached nearby, and if it was up in the turret, the antenna would be mounted up there. This is because a slip ring for radio transmissions was not available or was too cumbersome for use in most WWII vehicles. Also, the shorter the antenna lead could be kept, the better the reception and the less interference there was with the transmitted signal. (Mike Kendall)

The 10-R mounted in KV-1 tanks included a TPU-4 telephone system for the crew, and below illustration shows the throat microphone used for both the intercom and the 10-R/9-R sets. The throat mike was very uncomfortable, and you will often see Soviet tankers with the mikes hanging off their necks or the commander holding them in his hand while speaking. The binding strap was not elasticized, and it was not only very uncomfortable against the throat, but it had to be repeatedly adjusted in the field as the strap slipped. The straps were black, like the helmet, and the mike was aluminum colored. The 10-R also had provisions for a buzzer system connected to a button mounted on the outside rear of the vehicle. Supporting infantry could get the attention of tank crew inside by using this button, and basic signalling codes could be worked out to direct the tank's action in small ways. By 1944 an improved model was available for SU-152, IS-1, ISU-122 and ISU-152 vehicles, the 10-RK. This unit looked similar and the main improvement was a slightly extended range and more rugged components. (Mike Kendall)

However, some of the individual claimed that this kind of new technology comes with a problem with the sound and intonation of the user itself. I'm can't be sure that this rumour is true because I still don't have those mic and tested it yet but the following video will show you one of the advantages of this throat mic. Again, I can't say that this video source is true and accurate because the result is all depend on the person who already tried the throat mic itself. Check out those video on the newest technology of throat mic and its challenges on the second video.

This video covers the US Special Forces Throat Mic and the options available for it.

A comparision of recorded sound between a headset microphone and a throat microphone.

I will try my best to find the local sources to try myself this throat mic and then I will give my own personal view about the pros and cons of this type of mic.

http://www.wlhoward.com/ with Permission of Mike Kendall
RAP4: US Special Forces Throat Mic

Throat microphone comparison

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AirsoftBobby: 1000 Visitors For 3 Months

Ho0o0orayy.. Today, my visitor were recorded to be 1000 visitors for almost 3 month since this blog had been build.. So I would like to thank for those for support this blog since back then.. I will sure that this blog will long lasting until Airsoft were permitted to play in Malaysia.. Thanks again guys.. Cheers =)

p/s: I've ban my own IP in blogpatrol so that whenever i visited my blog, the blogpatrol won't record my IP as a visitor.. And once again, sorry for my bad english.. =p

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Info: How Ballistic Works

So now lets back to the business.. Forget the crap about last post. That's just about a commercial break done for someone else.. Lolx.. In this chapter, we gonna learn about how bullets work either for gun, machine gun, or other types of firearms.. First of all , we need to know what is explosion as the main cause of ballistic movement were related to fire and explosion.

Well I'm sorry to say that i can get any citation at the following notes because it comes from my lecture. A credited to Dr. Rafiziana Md. Kasmani by providing some of the following lecture:

What is Explosion:
A sudden chemical explosion of a flammable material (in this case, we use gunpowder) with oxygen action which causes a sudden a sudden formation of a great volume of expanded gas and release of high energy.

Early Concept of Ballistic:
You apply explosive pressure behind a projectile to launch it down a barrel. The earliest, and simplest, application of this idea is the cannon.

Figure 1: Flinlock-Cannon

Example: The Flintlock Cannon:
When you ignite [A] gunpowder [C], it burns rapidly, producing a lot of hot gas in the process. The hot gas applies much greater pressure on the powder side of the­ cannonball [B] than the air in the atmosphere applies on the other side. This propels the cannonball out of the gun at high speed. Now let's take a look the inside of the bullet catridge:

Ballistic Background: The Cartridge
Simply put, cartridges are a combination of a projectile (the bullet), a propellant (gunpowder, for example) and a primer (the explosive cap), all contained in one metal package. The primer will ignite the propellant

Example: Revolver
We going to see how the explosion occur in a firearm. In example, we'll see how revolver works.

Click on the trigger to see how the revolver fires.

This gun has a revolving cylinder, with six breeches for six cartridges. When you pull the trigger on a revolver, several things happen:

  1. Initially, the trigger lever pushes the hammer backward.
    • As it moves backward, the hammer compresses a metal spring in the gun stock (the handle).
    • At the same time, the trigger rotates the cylinder so the next breech chamber is positioned in front of the gun barrel.
  2. When you pull the trigger all the way back, the lever releases the hammer.
  3. The compressed spring drives the hammer forward.
  4. The hammer slams into the primer at the back of the cartridge, igniting the primer.
  5. The primer sets off the propellent. (Explosion Occur Here)
  6. The exploding propellent drives the bullet out of the gun at high speed.
The inside of the barrel has a spiral groove cut into it, which serves to spin the bullet as it exits the gun. This gives the bullet better stability as it flies through the air, increasing accuracy.

When the propellant explodes, the cartridge case expands. The case temporarily seals the breech, so all the expanding gas pushes forward rather than backward.


A sudden formation of combustion from propellent caused the bullet to explode and exits the gun by the ignition at primer of the catridge. Well that is only a few info on how the ballistic works in which relate to my study of combustion and explosion. More to come after this is on how the grenade works.


  1. Tom Harris, Contributing Writer (http://science.howstuffworks.com/)
    Tom Harris holds a B.A. in English from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  2. Dr. Rafiziana Md. Kasmani (B.Eng (Chem.Eng)(UTM), M.Sc. (Fire & Explosion Eng.), (Leeds)PhD.)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Invention: Heat Sink For Firearms Barrel

Background Of The Invention

Firearm have long had a problem of the barrel becoming overheated when a high number of rounds are fired in rapid succession through the weapon.

The barrel absorbs heat primarily from the combustion attendant to the firing of a weapon, and the heat produced both by the friction of the bullet and of the muzzle gasses leaving the barrel.

Disadvantages of Overheating Barrel
May lead to heat-induces changes within the metallurgical structure of the barrel. It may wrap the barrel, and, thereby, both increase the misfiring rate of the weapon and decrease its accuracy.

Overheated weapon is difficult to handle, position, and transport. Accordingly, it is desirable to force an increase in the rate of heat transfer of heat from firearms subject to such conditions.

The First Invention To Reduce Overheated Barrel
Several of device are intended to be permanently affixed to the firearm, or to be integral to design of the firearm itself. Some have used water or air to cool the barrel; other have use muzzle gasses or a material closely attached to the firearm barrel to conduct heat away from the barrel in an efficient manner.

Automatic Gun (George Hookham, 1899): A ribbed, tapered barrel which is fluted toward the breach. The extreme rear end is smooth in order to fit into a bushing, which is contained in the body of the gun. A casing surround the barrel, so that a channel is formed between the casing and barrel.
George Hookham (1899) Automatic Gun

Air-cooled Gun (Scott Paine, 1942): A cooling jacket surrounds the barrel and and ribbed sleeve. The cooling jacket is pressed into the breach at the rear end. Figure as follows:

Scott Paine (1942) Air-Cooled Fun

All of these devices appear to require customization to fit each specific firearm. They do not appear to be easily removed or refitted to a different firearm. Many also have been dependent on forcing air or water through a cooling channel, sometimes disadvantageously necessitating the use of auxiliary equipment.

It is, therefore, readily apparent that there is a need for an improved firearm heat sink that is easily attached to the barrel of firearm; that provides for easy removal and refitting to another firearm; and, that is lightweight, easy to manufacture, can be rapidly installed, and will easily adapt to a wide variety of firearm.

Final Solution: Invention of Heat Sink For Firearm Barrel (Todd A. Muirhead, 2003)

Brief Summary Of The Invention
The present invention both overcomes the above-mentioned disadvantages, and meets the recognized needs for such device, by providing a firearm heat sink which is easily removed from one firearm, and easily refitted to another.

In all embodiments, an underlying heat conduction material may be provided to fill gaps between the barrel and heat sink, and to provide adequate contact there between.

Thus, it is an object of the present invention to provide new and improved heat sink for mounting upon the firearm which can be easily fitted and refitted to a variety of firearms, fit a variety of sizes of firearm barrels, can be rapidly installed and easily manufactured. More detailed will be discuss by following figures:

Figure 3 (Fig.1 in Picture): Perspective view of the firearm heat sink of the present invention having one ring remove and one ring in place.

Figure 3a: Sectional view of the firearm heat sink showing a non-round cross section.

Figure 4: Perspective view of the preferred embodiment of the firearm heat sink attached to a firearm.

Figure 5: Perspective view of the two facing tubular halves of the firearm heat sink of the first alternate embodiment.

Figure 5a: Sectional view of the heat sink of the first alternate embodiment showing a non-round cross-section.

Figure 6: An exploded perspective view of the first alternate embodiment, in position to be mounted upon a firearm barrel.

The following picture shows a better understanding of heat sink mostly for all user. The engine block of a motorcycle or even a car uses almost the same concept of heat sink that invented to reduce heat in engine. The same concept goes to the invention of heat sink for firearm barrel.

Engine Block used a heat sink to increase the rate of heat transfer between the engine and the environment.

The other good example of heat sink for firearm is the HK 416 as taken from youtube.com as follows: