Sunday, February 15, 2009

Airsoft Legalization: What Can WE Do To Legalize Airsoft

As far as i concerned, Airsoft gun/rifle (or even some of its gear) are totally banned in our country (Malaysia). So right now, what else can be done instead of sit back and watch other country play this game? Last time I heard that Airsoft legalization was still pending until unknown further notice from the law enforcement. Well at least, our airsofters still have an effort to fight against the prohibited game in our country. If we compare to other country such as Philippines, they still fight in the same field like us.

Today, the airsoft hobbyist from Philippine has long been locked in mock combat with the PNP (Philippine National Police) regarding the classification of their ‘toys’.

Under PNP regulations, cal. 22 and above are considered firearms. So based on that PNP regulation which is also based on another law, it is considered a firearm. You could be charged with illegal possession. I believe that the police are strictly enforcing that. It just happens that airsoft is 6 mm. Those considered as firearms are 5.5 mm.” Biazon says.

Also included in the ban are ‘imported toy firearms and explosives which, except for its weight are replicas in appearance, measurements, color and parts as its genuine counter part firearms and explosives’ With the war gaming industry becoming more popular, enthusiasts say the possibility of airsofters crossing paths with the police wouldn’t be rare anymore. Such instances could create more tension as authorities would be further concerned about the proliferation of the ‘toy’ guns which could be used by criminals. Thus, airsoft hobbyists feel the urgency for their wargame toys to be legalized, which they believe could be achieved through the repeal of the LOI (Letter of Intent) by legislation and the support of the PNP.

I felt that there’s no real organized effort to go into legalization. I believe that what we have been doing lately is just a start. So far, I haven’t heard of strong anti-gun legislation.” Biazon says. “Now that we have a heightened issue on terrorism, therefore it’s not yet the right time. Because some how, people will find ways to connect it,he equips.

Legislation is an art of compromise. WE should respect the rights of the authorities. In the draft bill, instead of prohibiting the PNP, it shall promulgate the necessary rules and regulations of the manufacture, sale and distribution of the firearm replicas. Someone said it’s vague. The reason behind its vagueness is that it is already a movement from prohibition to regulation. It’s already a one step forward. If a bill will be prescribing details of the rules and regulations, it will be subject to intense scrutiny from other lawmakers, especially those who know nothing about Airsoft.

Below 500 fps, there’s no need to register. Meaning, practically Airsoft is allowed. We adopted it, so when we present the bill, we could say that this is being used in other countries,” he says. Biazon also suggests that aside from legislation, there is a need to regulate the players themselves. He also cites the need to be coordinated with and not antagonize the police, who are implementing the law.

Biazon added that, “It is also very important for Airsofter to know what they can do to project to the public that they are responsible. And that this is just one of the sports being played in all parts of the country that there are organized teams competing in an existing game site. This way it will help demolish the drive and the arguments against this activity. The simple argument is the thought that it could be used in committing a crime. But if we can prove that it is widely played and there’s no incident reported that used Airsoft guns for illegal purposes, therefore there is no basis for unrest,” he says.

He stresses though, that local governments could boost the legalization drive by cooperating with the PNP. This way the tendency of the police to abuse their power to confiscate would be minimized, if not prevented.

Perhaps with one of this idea on legalization of Airsoft in Malaysia could bring up new bill and rights to play the Airsoft games. Some of the recent visitors ask for a forum and suggested that we can make a petition and brought it to our local law enforcer. Please feel free to comment on this article just before i open another forum site for Airsoft. Thanks.


Airsoftxtreme (Philippine), AX MAIDEN ISSUE, Volume 1 Issue # 1


Dyat said...

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Bobby..!!~ said...

huhuhu.. mmg skrg ni dh ade usul yg dh dbuat.. ade menteri2 dh sain.. tp masih lg menunggu kptusan drp KDN dn PDRM.. so pepehal stay tuned..!!~

xXkaizerXx said...

yala tu..dulu boleh main..skrg tak boleh..!!memang terkenalkan main pistol manek??

Bobby..!!~ said...

yups.. tp kalu nk ikutkn law, mmg bahye pon airsoft ni.. replica 100%.. but still, why dont the gov. give a permit or license for those who want to play? atleast, its a TOY right???

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