Saturday, July 11, 2009

Back To Biznezzzz..!!~

Hello World..!!~

It's been a while since my last update.. Bit Busy with works and need some time with family then.. lolx.. Well right now, lets back to the business.. First of all, i would like to ask for apologies as lots of Airsofters out there mail me but I didn't reply.. Here is some of my personal notes for all Airsofters out there:

1. For those shouters, thanks a lot for ur info or comments.. Im sorry if i cant reply it and i'll try my best to answer all of ur questions.. Not forget for those who mail me.. =)

2. The poll had closed and im going to discuss about it later on.. So stay tuned.. I've got lots of ideas on how to legalize Airsoft.. But still needs some time to realize it..

3. Please, don't ask me how to get those illegal stuff.. But im here to help and guide u to find those stuff but NOT selling it.. Try to look at these.. It's pretty weird when Lelonger sell some of Airsoft gear such as Vest, BB's and so on.. so make ur own judgement in [here].. try to extract what's the real point of the seller by selling Airsoft merchandise..

4. Once again, i want to remind u that by buying those Airsoft stuff, u are aware the concequences or threat that u might get from our local law enforcement.

5. Still no good news in Airsoft legalization.. But i have an idea.. Why dont we join the Rejimen Askar Wataniah (RAW)? I heard that the recruitment were not as tough as Rejimen Askar Melayu Diraja (RAMD) and u can choose either u want to be a permanent or reserved.. Also, i think the RAW were permitted non-malays to join the forces right? Who knows, u might get lucky and able to learn ALL military knowledged and the cool thing is, u will be able to learn a practical shooting by using REAL weapons.. So what u think? I will discuss more about RAW later on.. Here are some of the pic from the Pasukan Askar Wataniah Institut Perguruan Teknik:

Rejimen Askar Wataniah's Logo

RAW training taken from PAWIPTKL

Well this is just my personal opinion.. Who knows, perhaps someday, only a soldier can use or own BBG? So make ur first start by joining this forces now.. It only takes a month of basic training or called Kursus Asas Perajurit.. And after u complete the basic course, u may still take the Latihan Lanjutan and so on.. For more info, do check at ur local Military Camp and ask the Pak Guard on how to join RAW.. Gud Luck then..!!~


Anonymous said...

join RELA pun okay..service baik boleh apply senapang..